Monday, December 5, 2011

It has been a long time, I know!

Okay so it has been two and half years since my last post! What happened to Rachel, where did she go? Well I have been busy, busy that is for sure! Since my last post back in June of 2009, I had another baby. His name is Jayden and he is two years old!

Lam and I spent a year and a half finishing our basement. Well I guess I should say Lam spent most of his time and I was busy keeping the kids out of the basement. I only got to start helping when it was time to caulk, sand and paint. The basement turned out nice, there was a few learning experiences and feuds along the way, but we survived we are still married. In a couple of the rooms we have at least five coats of paint, yep I am picky and indecisive. I rather change it then live with it, and I am glad we made the changes!

I have also been busy being involved with my daughters education! Making sure homework is done, reading, math and spelling. Last year I volunteered once a week in her class for reading but with Lam's schedule it was hard to have a set day, so this year I did not volunteer. I am however a room mom and I enjoy my time being involved in Kylee's class parties.

I took up learning the piano for a year. Tthen Jayden was born and he got to the stage were he required more attention, so my piano lesson's stopped. I hope to start up again soon! Kylee has been playing the piano for two and half years. I enjoy hearing her play, but I hate fighting with her just to get her to practice. I need to get playing the piano again because she practices more when I am taking lessons. It is almost a game to her to see who gets a song mastered the fastest. She used to think I was so good, but now she makes fun of me when I play the wrong note! This will be one of my New Years resolutions, play the piano and perform in front of a very small crowd!

We are starting to feel a little more settled in our new home, okay so it is taking awhile. I have become a hermit in my home. I think most of it is due to the depressing winters. I miss getting out all year round and never having to wear more then a jacket. I am starting to learn to just bundle up and wear boots not flip flops in the winter. Lam did get me to start snow skiing last year and so I will be doing that again this winter. I am actually excited for it to snow this year and I can't wait for Beaver Mountain Ski Resort to open!

I feel more sheltered in my new life. I don't get out except for grocery shopping and running the kids to school and doctor appointments. I have meet a few friends but most of my visitors that come to my home are from Arizona. I am happier now that some of my friends from Arizona have moved to Utah. I will occasionally go down to the Salt Lake Area and see a few friends. This last year I was blessed with having my friend Maria come and stay with us. I also went to ST. George and meet up with Jen Cragun and her family, whom we meet in Arizona. So yes I have been blessed with some dear friends, who will always be good friends. I need to maybe take the time and invite people over, then maybe I will have a social life again. Not that my life was really social before, but I miss Bunco Nights with the girls!

It has not been that bad, just the time has gone by so quickly! I feel like I have not accomplished anything since I have been away from my blog. I have been terrible at taking my camera out and taking pictures of my kids. I need to be better! Now that I have recovered my password and updated my email on my blog, I hope to make a change! I need to take more pictures and post on my blog to keep my friends and family updated! I won't make any promises since I know I am notorious for not following through on my blog!