Saturday, May 31, 2008

Lipstick on Doors

To top of my week, Kylee got in big trouble on Friday morning. She applied lipstick to her lips and kissed the bathroom doors and wall. I tossed all of Kylee’s lipstick, lip gloss and nail polish in the garbage. She is now not allowed to play with make up until her 14th birthday. (Exception is for dance recitals and etc…) Kylee was also grounded for the day and unable to play with her friends.

On our drive to Tucson Kylee and I had the longest moment of silence together. I was trying to collect my thoughts and relief my stress without yelling at Kylee. Eventually Kylee could not take me being mad anymore. She tried everything to get a smile out of me. First she started to sing a song. In the middle of the song she stopped and asked “Mom why are you not singing? Are you still mad? Sing mommy, sing!” The next attempt, she was trying to educate me. She always starts out with “You know what mommy?” Then she waits for me to say what. Well I was not responding to her, since I was still in my own world. Kylee states “Mom you didn’t say what!” I looked over at her and she pouted her lower lip until I said “What.” Immediately she smiled and asked “Mom your not mad at me anymore!” I love how children get over things so fast. If only adults can do the same and forgive each other. I for one am guilty of this.

The rest of the day Kylee was being so good. She knew if she was good, she would be able to play with her friend Hannah on Saturday. I have to say I never had Kylee listen to me as attentively as she did that evening. Discipline works and I have to stick to my guns. So remember Kylee is not allowed to play with make up until she is 14. If you forget and give it to her as a gift she will have to return it!

Below are a few pictures of Kylee’s art work! I cleaned off Kylee’s bathroom before I thought of taking a picture. I got my bathroom door with the lipstick, trying to wipe it off with a rag and then after the magic eraser. I am glad it came off since I hate painting!


On Wednesday we got some bad news about the sell of our home. The buyers canceled the contract due to another job opportunity. Apparently the buyer was in the military and when he got out he applied for several government jobs including the FBI. He took a job in Customs and that is why they were going to move into our home. Well then a few days ago received a letter from the FBI accepting him to their academy. Of course he could not pass that opportunity up.

I have mixed emotions about the whole situation. I am disappointed that our family had to go through a lot of stress getting ready to move in two weeks. Now all that stress was for nothing. We had to cancel the move in June and prep the house again to sale. Another downside is the traffic of people coming through our home again.

Some of the positives are that we get to stay together as a family, until Lam finishes his job in July. We can enjoy more time with our friends. Kylee will be able to swim at the splash park. We might be able to see some of the monsoon season before we move. Use our Barbeque grill a little more.

We put our house back on the market yesterday and listing it at $182,000. I got a call within two hours of the house changing to Active on the MLS website. I of course was gone and the house was still in shambles from the busy week before. I actually told a realtor “NO,” they could not come. I offered them to come on Saturday, however the buyers were only in town on Friday. Oh well, maybe we will get some calls this weekend if not I will not mind.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Vacation to Mexico

We went on a little vacation to Puerto Penasco, Mexico (aka Rocky Point.) It is probably our last time going there, since we are moving to Utah. We had Lam's mother, sister and brother-in-law with us. We stayed three nights in a condo at Las Palomas Golf Club and Resort. We played on the beach and in the pools the first day. The second day there was a horrendous windstorm, so most the day we stayed inside and relaxed. Overall we enjoyed our time together.

Las Palomas Golf Club and Resort.

View from the condo's balcony.

The Resort had many pools, hot tubs and a lazy river.

Kylee with her grandma Thay Kham, Aunt Som and Uncle Jake Carman. Kylee had fun finding sea shells on the beach during their morning walk.

Keenan in his first swimming suit. Keenan did not stay out on the beach to long, since the wind was so severe. Infact he never got wet in his suit.

Kylee loved playing in the sand with her dad.

Kylee also enjoyed time at the pool. She could have stayed in the pool all day long. Here she is with her dad and Aunt Som.

Kylee is our little fish and loves the water. She liked to play games in the water. One was were Lam was the shark and he had to try to catch Kylee. Another game she liked to play was going under water. She would have us count to a certain number, which was usually 5 or 6, then we would all have to go under water and blow bubbles.

Kylee is full of games. Here she buried her feet. I would have to say the magical words "Bibbidi Bobbidi, boo," and her feet would reapper. She loves hiding things and having us find them.

Instead of having snow to make angels in, Kylee has decided to make "Sand Angels."

Kylee wrote her name in the sand and wanted a picture of her by it.

Did I mention we had a horrendous wind storm. Well here is proof. Part of a wall came crashing down. Debries went flying and broke the window to the Resort's gym.

You can see the sand storm. It was like this the entire time. Rocky Point is fun when the wind is not blowing so hard.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Under contract.

Today we accepted and signed a contract for our home. We can't believe that we are under contract in only one week! The closing day, if the buyer's end goes through, is scheduled for June 11th. Which means Kylee, Keenan and I will have to move up to Utah earlier than planned. Lam will have to find some kind of housing until he finishes his job in Tucson. Lam and I have mixed emotions about selling our home. We will be sad to leave it. We have put so much love into our home and hope the next owners will do the same. Then we have to find a new house to love and make it our home.


A Mother's Day Poem

"Happy Mother's Day" means more
Than have a happy day.
Within those words lie lots of things
We never get to say.

It means I love you first of all,
Then thanks for all you do.
It means you mean a lot to me,
And that I honor you.

But most of all, I guess it means
That I am thinking of
Your happiness on this, your day,
With pleasure and with love.

Author Unknown

Mother's Day

I want to tell my mom, mother-in-law, sisters, grandmother and friends, Happy Mother's Day. I am so thankful for each one of you. You have set an example to me on how to be a good mother, and to love my children. You have, also been a mother figure for my children in different ways. I thank you for sharing your love with them. Happy Mother's Day!!!


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Kylee's Dance Recital Spring 2008

Kylee dances with Sahuarita Dance Center. Here she is getting ready behind stage for her performance. Kylee's favorite things about dance recitals are make up, costumes and center stage!!!

Kylee's Creative Dance Class danced to Mozart.

When the recital was over, Kylee and her friends went back up on stage, to dance and play. I made Kylee take a few pictures.

Lam gave Kylee three red roses after her performance, and she would not put them down.

Graceful Kylee demonstrating a curtsey.

This picture is one of my favorite pictures of the night. Kylee looking up at the stage lights.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Our Home

"Home Sweet Home" This is our home in Sahuarita, AZ. We have lived here for three and half years, since September 2004.

Lam has been busy doing projects around the house. Last summer we finally finished the backyard. It only took two years to complete. The Built in BBQ is one of Lam's favorite things of our house.

Two years ago we had the patch of grass and small decorative rock, with a few shrubs. Then last year we decided to make some raised flower beds. I am sure proud of Lam, I never knew he was such a handyman!! What a hunk I have!

After all of Lam's hard work, we have our house up for sale. Yep we are moving! Lam has a job offer in Logan, Utah. He will be Medical Director over the Hospitalist Group at IHC Logan Regional Hospital. We hope to be gone by the end of July and he will start in September. Lam is waiting for the licensing of Utah, so he can work there as a physician. Once that is in place then we can say we are offically moving!!!

We put the house up for sale on May 2nd. We have only had two showings so far. We hope more will come, very soon.

Make up Pictures

We got so busy at Keenan's Blessing that we forgot to get a picture before church. Then at church he spit up all over his outfit. Well a month later we finally got a picture of him in his blessing outfit. He of course is a lot bigger than he was on, March 30, 2008, his blessing day.

Since we had Keenan dressed up for make up pictures we decided to get Kylee also. We also forgot to get pictures of Kylee in her Easter Dress. Kylee wanted to hold Keenan so you can't see her whole dress.

I put Keenan down on the grass so I could try to take a picture of Kylee in her dress. You can see Keenan had a fit. I picked him up right before the sprinklers went off. It slipped my mind to remember what time of day it was and when the sprinkler system turned on. So we missed getting Kylee in her dress.

Here is Kylee wet from the sprinklers and not happy at mom that I got her dress wet. Keenan is also not a happy baby, he was hungry. Way to go mom! Maybe next Sunday we will try to get pictures!


Keenan has finally started to laugh. I love his little laughter. It makes me want to freeze time, so that I can stay in that moment forever. Keenan is a good and happy baby. We are blessed to have such a good baby!!

Bath Time

Keenan loves his bath.

Keenan all cozy in his bath towel.

Oh, can't forget Kylee in the picture. She never wants to be left out.


Leaving our hotel room and walking to Disneyland with the Gietl Family. Jeff Gietl pushing Susie. Rachel carrying Keenan and pushing Kylee in the stroller. We had fun on vacation to Disneyland with the Gietl family.

This is Kylee's second time at Disneyland.

Keenan was a really good baby the whole time we were at Disneyland.

Lam and Kylee enjoyed going on the rides together.

Keenan went on a couple of rides and he slept for the entire ride.

Kylee with her best friend Susie Gietl. They loved posing on the royal chair.

Kylee with her favorite Princess, Cinderella.

Susie and Kylee loved meeting the Princess. Infact I think it was their favorite thing about Disneyland.

Best friends. Good thing they were sitting down when they hugged. Usually their hugs consists of a tackle to the ground.

Kylee found her new home. She keeps asking to have a small door in our new home. Lam's Aunt Somseuck has a small door to a crawl space and it is Kylee's favorite place to play.

Daddy's girl! These girls got spoiled with lots of rides on their dad's shoulders.

The gang waiting for the parade. Maria and I sat down early to get a good front row seat to the parade.

Kylee and Susie on the popular ride, everyone was doing it, waiting in line. (LOL!) Saturday at Disneyland was crazy, too many people and a long time waiting in lines. We learned our lesson to never go during Sprink Break or a Weekend.