Thursday, July 3, 2008


So I have missed writing in my blog for about a month now. There has been a few changes in our housing situation. After putting our home back on the market, we got a second offer within a little over a week. We have been under contract for the second time. I did not want to get my hopes up like last time, and that is why I did not write about it. We have past all the obstacles and now it looks like it is a go. We are closing on July 25th so we will pack up on the 23rd and move the 24th. We plan to be in Logan by July 27th.

I made a trip up to Logan about one month ago to look at homes. So far we have not found something that we like. So we are going to be living with my parents home until we find a place of our own.

I have not posted any pictures of us lately, since our other laptop got a virus on it. We got the virus from the hotel in Twinfalls, ID (We made a trip up there for Lam's cousin's wedding.) I am so mad since our pictures are on the laptop. Anyone that is a computer expert let me know how to retrieve these documents. Lam bought a new laptop and so we have no pictures now. I guess I need to get the camera out and get more pictures.

The last couple of weeks, Kylee has been taking swimming lessons. She is such a fish. She is now swimming half of 25 meters. She also is brave enough to jump in the deep end of the pool and swim to the side. Kylee, Keenan and I go to the pool everyday, except Sunday.

Today we are going to move our storage items back to our garage. I am not looking forward to this, since it is over 95 degrees and it will only get hotter.


onlymehere said...

Rachel, this is Cindy. When you get here maybe Nicholas can take a look at your laptop. He's pretty good with things like this. He has some friends that are pretty good too, although maybe your dad knows as much and can help you easier! Good luck with the move.

Som said...

Hey! Nice to hear some *good* progress with the house! I'm jealous that you guys are going back. I am slowly chipping away at jake to move back to Utah. Though the closest we'll make it to Logan is SLC, but I figure thats close enough. TTYS! Som

Jeff, Jenny and Pearl said...

Glad to see an update since I was beginning to wonder if you had already moved or maybe changed your minds. I can't wait to have you closer!!! Hopefully you'll find something soon.

Julie said...

I'm so glad that your house is under contract again. It's such a crazy thing to try & sell a house! We are signing all of our paperwork at 2:00pm today and the buyer is already pre-approved so hopefully we won't have too many surprises with it all. I'm so sorry to hear about your laptop! We had a similar situation last summer but we were able to retrieve our. Hopefully you'll get all of your stuff back too! Good luck with everything!

Haylee Munk Brown said...

I am jealous you will be able to see my mom more than me!!! Dang you! So congrats on the house, that is good news! You will have to get a house in Logan that is big enough for an indoor pool so that you can swim year round! Woohoo! That is a great idea, so proud of myself for thinking of it! Oh, and invite me there...:)