Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Hillmans

I had the opportunity to have my cousin Dayna come visit us, while she was in town for our cousins wedding. The last time I saw Dayna was two years ago, a few weeks before Payton was born. I enjoyed our time together, even though it was for a few hours. I also enjoyed getting to know Brian a little more, since I only saw him at their wedding, which was seven years ago. Thanks Brian for helping Lam out with the grease fire on the grill. We will definitely have to come up and visit your family in Idaho.

Brian, Dayna, Sydney & Payton Hillman

Kylee with Sydney & Payton

Sydney and Kylee having their usual big good-bye squeeze. At least this time they didn't tackle each other to the ground. They had a blast playing with each other.

Dayna this picture is posted just for you. If you would have had your camera I would have not posted this. What I do for my cousin's, I will even post a terrible picture of me on my blog for everyone to see. I should have had Lam take one more picture of me with a better smile. Oh well. We miss you and can't wait to see you again.

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