Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Looking back at places we will miss in Tucson.

There are a few places that we will miss in Tucson and some places we are glad to say good-bye to.

One place that Kylee will miss more than I, is downtown Tucson. She would point out the window as we would drive by and say "Look Mom, New York!" Little does she know about tall skyscrapers and big cities. I will miss having the convenience of living near a big city and living among mixed cultures.

I don't know about Lam, but I am glad to be saying good-bye to the University of Arizona. The U of A is where Lam spent the first three years of our marriage, attending his internal medicine residency. The long hours Lam put in was outrageous and he had very few days off. I am really proud of Lam for his hard work and devotion in his medical school and residency.

Lam is sad to say good-bye to his job at North West Medical Center, where he worked as a Hospitalist for three years. He worked hard, but when he would come home he was off work, no pager or late night calls. We sometimes wonder if we made the right move, for him to give up a cush job to be closer to family. Lam has his busy days and nights but it is nice to be closer to family.

My hot hubby in his white coat. I can't count how many white coats Lam has been through in the last 7 years but it has been quite a few. He would have a pen leak and cause a big stain right in front of his coat. The stories I have of him trying to take out the ink stain is hilarious.

One time he tried soaking it in a bucket of bleach and water for, I think about, one week. He put it on our patio and forgot about it. I then found it and had to throw it out, since it was basically just one big rag. Another time Lam decided to use white out on this little ink stain, well that of course did not work out at all. In fact it made it even look worse. So if anyone is in need of a white coat to use for Halloween you know who to call.

I was sad to say good-bye to my first family away from home. That family ended up being some of my co-workers at Dr. Robert Leff's office. I had worked with Arizona Community Physicians as a medical assistant for three years, up until Kylee was two. I still kept in touch with them, but lately I have not been so good at it. I missed the court yard in front of the office. It was a peaceful place to sit at lunch, and take a few minutes to breath, after a hectic morning at the office.

Here is a picture of Dr. Robert Leff with Lori, his triage nurse and Keenan. Keenan is five months old in this picture.

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Julie said...

You were so smart to get pictures beacuse that is a part of your life that you'll always remember and now your kisd can see the places you're talking about. Very Smart!