Sunday, June 21, 2009

I am still alive.

I finally have updated my blog. I know a lot of you probably thought I fell off the face of the earth a year ago. Well I am still here, alive and kicking.

We had moved from Arizona to Utah, and our items were in storage for many months. Then we moved in our home in October, and by the time I finally got the place together it had been almost six months. I then wanted to update my blog but could not find my adapter for my compact flash, to download pictures on my computer. I searched all the boxes downstairs in my basement and could not find it. Lam then finally told me he had it all along in his laptop bag. If only I would have asked him where it was in the first place, I would have updated my blog at least six months ago.

Thanks to having my cousin visit this last week, it motivated me to update my blog. She did not have her camera with her to take a picture so we used mine. For Dayna to get the pictures, I had to post the pictures on my blog for her to view. Thanks Dayna for getting me off my behind so I would update my blog. I even have an empty memory card and can take more pictures!

I have a lot to update so I will be posting one everyday for the next little while to show everyone what our family has been doing in the last year.


Haylee Munk Brown said...

It's about time!!!! :)

Jeff, Jenny and Pearl said...

Yeah, you're back!

Julie said...

hooray! I'm hoping to see pics of the house and the belly! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Rachel! I'm so excited to find your blog - your family is so cute. I just love it. Glad to have you back in Logan (not that I saw you much when you lived here...oops!)